“We are thinking beings, we are able to establish objectives, to activate the change whether social,
cultural or economic. But only the attention to human progress
leads to durable economic progress.”

Pantaleo Giannuzzi

Founder of Ekuberg Pharma



Prevention is the real revolution

Ekuberg Pharma s.r.l. strives to further knowledge concerning diseases and discomfort, developing specific educational, social and awareness programmes aimed at spreading the culture of prevention, the real solution to ensure a high quality of life.

Doing research means to foster progress

Ekuberg Pharma s.r.l. is based on essential values:

The attention and respect
for the individual

The social responsibility
of the company towards
the community

The ethics of those who create products
to ensure the health
of the individual

The awareness of diversity
and its respect

Scientific research as a stimulus
for human progress

The preference to use
natural raw materials

Quality, responsibility and research:

These are the essential elements on which Ekuberg Pharma’s work is based. They make it a wonderful act of love towards life in all its countless facets.    

Education and awareness campaigns

The company works in different areas often characterised by low levels of socio-cultural and economic development. Exactly from this the company finds the motivation to intensify reaseach work and innovation, as well as its commitment. Collaborations were established in different less-favoured areas of the world, developing projects with the local communities, not imposing pre-established paths, but building them together thanks to continuous exchange of experiences.