“Curiosity, experimentation, performance, innovation and tailor-made products
represent the strength of Ekuberg Pharma”

Dr. Cristina Giannuzzi

Marketing and communication manager - Ekuberg Pharma


Private label

Custom-made solutions

Reliability and proactivity make Ekuberg Pharma the strategic choice of many partners for the development of private labels. Indeed, among its clients the company includes international pharmaceutical companies and purchasing groups of the pharmaceutical wholesale market.

Services for our partners

Your project from the idea to its success

Analysis of the needs, choice of raw materials and active principles, providing samples, feedback from client target studies through self-assessment questionnaires, approval of the formula

Development of the formula: safety,
tolerance and effectiveness test

Management of regulatory affairs

Follow-up of the clinical trials
carried out on cosmetic products
and medical devices

Development of the communication strategy
from design to
material for the point of sale

Briefing and targeted periodic training
for the medical reps
and sales force